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Yoga & Meditation

Connecting with consciousness

I offer private one to one and group yoga and meditation classes. I teach Ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga and gentle hatha yoga. I utilise a range of meditation practices from Zen, Chan, Advaita Vedanta, visualisation techniques, yoga nidra and Reiki meditations. I hold yoga and meditation sessions in person and online.

I can not emphasise the benefits that yoga and meditation have brought to my mind, body, emotions and spirit. When engaged in with sincerity, without ego and for the internal benefits, yoga and meditation are not only beneficial physically and mentally, they also have the power to take us on a transformative journey. As we are all unique and respond to different things, I utilise techniques that are best suited to your nature

I have practised yoga and meditation throughout my life. In my experience, they have transformed both my inner and outer world.​

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