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Soul Life Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation

Unlike traditional coaching, which is often solely aimed at enhancing performance or achieving goals, Soul Life Coaching is a transpersonal and phenomenological approach to coaching.
Soul Life Coaching is oriented towards helping people find meaning and make sense of their lives. Recognising that the challenges we experience are here to support us on our journey, we can begin to no longer see these as obstacles, things to be afraid of or unhappy moments. Our emotions and experiences provide the material we can work with; they provide us with opportunities for healing, growth and transformation.


Connecting with our soul, we explore our experiences, emotional highs and lows, our relationships and interactions with others, to understand what may be making us feel ill at ease, causing stress or unhappiness. When we create space to connect in this way, we alleviate stress and anxiety, enabling us to re-balance and come into alignment with our true self and soul.

​My wish is that people find greater connection and happiness in relationships with themselves, others and the world. I create and hold the safe confidential space to support people in doing this.


Feeling ready? Click on the link below to book your Soul Life Coaching session. Sessions are offered in person or online and last 1 hour. In some cases 30 minute sessions are available, please contact to enquire.


Still pondering? For a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about Soul Life Coaching and to establish your needs please contact to discuss.