Shamanic Drum Healing

Healing your vibration

I use the healing power and resonance of the drum to connect with the rhythm that you need for healing. Through attunement to the vibration of the drum, the resonance works on your subtle energy body, connecting you with your own inner guidance to clear any energy blocks you might have. This raises your vibration and brings deep healing. I offer shamanic drum healing sessions in person and online.     

Shamanism is considered the oldest spiritual and healing tradition known to man. A shamans view of the world is that everything is connected and part of nature.


Shamans work closely with nature, their community and the spirit world. Shamans use different methods to alter their state of consciousness to enable them to travel to the spirit realm in order help heal the person they are working with. They do this in service to their community.


One method of altering the state of consciousness is through the resonance of the drum, which is called shamanic journeying. I teach people how to journey through workshops and 1-1 sessions.