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Transformation – butterflies, Scorpio full moon, transformative life coach, writing from the heart!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

For the past few days I have been continuously thinking about transformation and what it means. Coincidently or synchronistically or however you wish to view it, nature has also been giving me signs that transformation is important. Not surprising for a transformative life coach.

I have been receiving these messages through my own thoughts, intuitive guidance and from the bush in front of our house that has been covered in hundreds of butterflies for well over a month! I am amazed at these remarkable and beautiful creatures. They are there every day connecting and interconnected with the bush of flowers and roses. Then, after dusk they disappear and I have no idea where they go, but they return again every morning.

I wonder how long they will be around before making their journey to somewhere else.

This reminds me of the transformative process and how through transformative life coaching we can work on ourselves and transform. I guess the butterflies did not start out as butterflies but as caterpillars, and before that as eggs. There was an incubation stage, a stage of taking as much as they could from the environment. Feeding themselves, before going into a hibernation stage, processing, releasing, shedding the outer layers and preparing for the new form of themselves that they will become. They are of course beautiful at every stage of their development. But the real beauty shines on the outside for all to see once they have been through different parts of their life cycle. Once they have developed and transformed into a butterfly.

Like butterflies we humans are the same. We go through similar cycles and patterns. We are born, we take imprints and learn as much as we can from our environment. Somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight our inner light and this is marked by a period of going inside, withdrawing, questioning and trying to discover who we are. Supported by the right people and by doing our own inner work, we can go on a journey of discovery. Transformative life coaching is one way of supporting this process.

Through this process we can become aware of the blocks that are preventing us from being who we truly are. Like the caterpillar we can begin to shed our layers as we grow, get in touch with the real essence of our nature and start to become who we really are. And like the caterpillar evolving to become the butterfly, when we have been through our process, our light can shine again as we are ready to radiate our light out to the world. People take notice as our inner beauty starts to shine out. Of course this shining out is just a reflection of how we feel on the inside, from which we can derive much happiness and feeling of content-ness. This process can take time. It takes an awareness and willingness to do the work.

There are many tools that we can use for transformation. The ones that have worked for me are holistic and cover all areas, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I believe it is about identifying the tools and techniques that work for each of us individually. It can also help to have a supportive environment, someone and/or a community of people who are also on a healing and transformative journey. With the right support we can flourish. The tools that have worked for me are Ashtanga yoga, meditation, nature connection and nature contact, healthy eating, inner reflection, energy healing, having spiritually minded practitioners to work with and spiritually minded people to talk to. Of course there are many other ways and practices, but these have helped me tremendously in my life. This is why I offer the work that I do to support others. I am committed to my own healing, growth and transformation and that of others too. Particularly I believe in utilising transformative coaching as the framework and then integrating other healing modalities and spiritual practices that my clients are called to and as my intuitive guidance directs me.

I mentioned earlier that nature has been giving me signs regarding transformation. I have been thinking of writing about it all week, but my time was taken with other tasks. And then I became aware that I found myself being called to write something about transformation at the time of this full moon which is in Scorpio. I finally found the time this morning on the day of the Scorpio full moon on 17 May 2019. No coincidence I guess! Scorpio is all about transformation and letting go. I too have my sun sign in Scorpio! So it is not surprising that I nature and the energetic forces have been guiding me to write about transformation today. If we can quieten ourselves enough to listen we are always being guided.

We are all connected and interrelated. We are connected with ourselves, with others and the world around us. So when we work on transforming ourselves, we transform not only ourselves, but how we relate to others and the world. This is where we begin to work on the transpersonal level. But more of the transpersonal and what it means another time.

So for today with the full moon in Scorpio, I urge you to connect with the process of transformation within yourself, how you relate to others and look for the signs in the natural world. Ask yourself these questions: what would I like to change in myself? What can I let go o? And how can I do something that not only helps me, but helps others and the world around me (no matter how small)? Breathe deep, let go and transform!

If you would like to connect with me for transformative life coaching, energy healing or private yoga then please do get in touch. I offer sessions online and in person go to my website www.purebeingsoul.com/practices to learn more about the practices I offer or go to www.purebeingsoul.com/book-appointment to book your appointment. Contact me lucy@purebeingsoul.com

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