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Energy Healing

Today, I want to write something that flows from the heart about energy healing. What is energy healing? What are my beliefs about energy and energy healing?

I believe that we are all made up of energy. Energy is everywhere, everything is connected and interrelated. This belief is in alignment with ancient spiritual and wisdom traditions such as shamanism and Shintoism. These ancient traditions believe that everything is living and has spirit/energy.

From a scientific perspective, physicists are viewing the world differently and explaining through quantum mechanics how everything is interrelated and connected. Entanglement theory suggests how things interact with each other even when separated and at a distance.

If we consider that we are all made up of energy and that energy operates and moves at different frequencies, and things impact on our energy, then our energy is something we should pay attention to.

Every day we are bombarded with different energetic frequencies from the people we meet and the environments we find ourselves in. The food we eat, our sleep quality and general lifestyle choices, impact our energy positively or negatively.

Most of us will have some recognition of how our energy feels when we are with certain people or in certain places, or through food intake. We can recognise when something makes us feel bad or depleted. Sometimes we are not sure what has contributed to a change in our energy or mood. We just recognise our energy feels low, we feel confused, disoriented, depressed or anxious. Some of us seem to be more aware of our energy level.

To help understand what is contributing to shifts in our energy, we need to learn to distinguish what our energy and what our vibrational pattern is like. We can then tune in with what is going on for us and recognise if our energy is disrupted by something external. Once we have established this connection, we can work with our energy to cleanse and clear it, bring balance, and increase our vibrational frequency.

How can we do this? First, it is important to have an understanding of the energy body. One way of learning about this is to understand theories of the energy body and the chakras. Once we have a basic understanding, there are many different tools and techniques we can use to work on the energy body. We can use yoga, meditation, guided visualisations, and energy healing techniques such as Reiki and shamanic drum healing.

Here is not the space to go into further detail about these systems and practices as it is better to discuss, receive and experience energy healing in person. If you would like to learn more from a theoretical and experiential perspective then I invite you to join me for my energy healing workshop on Saturday 8 February, 1:30 pm - 4 pm @anahatayogacentre in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex or contact me to arrange a private energy healing or shamanic drum healing session.

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