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Nature Therapy/


“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir

Connecting with the earth and the natural world is central to ecotherapy. Ecopsychologists hold the view that everything is connected, interrelated and that humans are very much a part of nature.

Working together I take you out in nature to facilitate a deep connection with yourself, your beliefs, your feelings and the natural world. I use therapeutic approaches, spiritual practices and draw from wisdom traditions to facilitate exploration of your inner and outer world.


Nature provides the perfect backdrop for this deep exploration. It provides space to get away from everyday demands and reconnects us with who we are. We are part of nature but we seem to have lost this connection and understanding. I am a strong believer and passionate about the healing potential of nature and wrote my masters dissertation on this topic.


Working in this way in nature provides an opportunity for deep, powerful experiences and healing.

I am passionate and committed to supporting people to find their purpose and improve their relationships with themselves, others and the world.

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