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Culinary Nutrition/

Healing through food

Feed your body, feed your soul

I provide one to one and group workshops on how to prepare and create healthy meals. We explore your relationship with food and identify which food enhances your energy and supports your system.


I am a food lover. I always have been, always will be. I am inspired by fresh, natural, organic food, that has not been through any process. I love being creative with food. To me, food provides an opportunity to connect with nature and is a form of art. I love the social aspect of preparing food and sharing with friends, loved ones and community.


​Twelve years ago I began experiencing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome/IBS. As someone who loved eating non-stop, I found this challenging as I experienced a lot of discomfort and pain through the food I was eating. This led me on a journey to discover which foods triggered my IBS symptoms, the time of day it was better for me to eat,  the foods that made me feel well and had a positive effect on my body and energy levels. I can help you on your journey if you are experiencing diet challenges. I  completed a culinary nutritionist course with Matthew


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