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My Gift & Journey

Over the past 20 years, I have spent time extensively pursuing my natural love for healing, spiritual, wellbeing and transformative practices. This has led me to travel all over the world undertaking training courses in these fields. Most recently I completed an MSc Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology.
I believe in humanistic and transpersonal approaches to working with people. I believe that we are our own best guide, but we need someone to create and hold space, so that we can journey to work with our inner lives. 

It is important to me that we move away from purely reductionist models that see people as problems to be fixed, and are only interested in changing behaviour. I believe we are more than the physical realm. Therefore, I want to ensure the people I work with are supported to make sense and meaning of their emotional lives and experiences. 
Through training and my experience of being on an inner journey, into understanding, healing and connecting with my soul: I have created my approach to working with people. I feel called to support people mentally, emotionally and spiritually on their path. I do this through working on a soul level, connecting inner experience with a higher reality. I have a unique ability to sense and work with energy. I support people to heal, grow and transform. 
Coaching and healing come naturally to me. I did not learn this until after I had been on my own healing and spiritual journey, that my grandfather was a native doctor, healer and coach in his time. I did not grow up in the country where he lived and he passed away when I was 10 years old. My grandfather was revered in his community for his innate ability to heal people where modern medicine failed. With his passing, the community said: “a great oak tree has fallen.” Learning this was an affirmation of my life journey and work, knowing that my ancestral lineage is from a family of healers. 
People who come to see me are often trying to process difficult emotions, are feeling unsupported or like they do not belong. At times in my life I have felt like this too. Through my experience I have learnt what tools help with overcoming the challenges we face. I know how it feels, and how much it helps having someone to talk to who understands you, someone you can trust. I feel called to support people in this way and am here to 
be your guide.


I create and hold confidential, safe space for people to connect with their purpose and realign with their soul. This enables people to feel happier and more at ease in their lives. When I provide space to support others in this way, I feel gratitude and in alignment with my own soul and purpose. When working with me, the people I support often establish a connection to something bigger and cultivate a deep sense of spiritual and soul connection internally and with the world.

I invite you to journey with me to connect with your soul, feel happier and more at ease in your life.

I hold the following qualifications:

MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, BA Hons Informal Education, Transformative Coaching Diploma, BTEC Mentoring, Reiki Master, Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Teacher, Culinary Nutritionist, Yoga Bugs Teacher, ITEC Indian Head Massage, ITEC Holistic Massage.

What my clients say about working with me:

'Every time I do have a coaching session with Lucy, I connect deeper with myself and feel gratitude, because I see things clearer and just get in touch with a kind of energy that is rare to obtain. Thank you Lucy for giving 100% and teaching my project manager ego, how intuition works.' Bharat B.

''I appreciate Lucy as a very attentive listener which is the foundation of being an excellent coach. In her natural, calm and attentive way, Lucy creates an environment of sincerity and security. In this environment I felt trust and I was able to open myself and go deeper.'' Joke B.